The Node Puppy Club

6,633 Unique Node Puppy NFTs, Each Entering You Into A Weekly Giveaway. 1 NFT = 1 Entry.


Weekly passive
income giveaways

AVAX Network



The Node Puppy Club was founded and is run by Defi investors with several years of experience in the Defi and Crypto world. We are also KYC’d by Assure Defi.

The Node Puppy Club has been created to help people that are trying to enter passive income plays such as StrongBlock or Thor Financial, but may not have the capital to enter.

We will focus on Strongblock and Thor Financial for the giveaways, but will also consider suggestions from the community and research other upcoming projects.

Each NFT held means an entry into our weekly giveaway… forever! Giveaways will occur every Sunday.

We will also research and suggest other node protocols or passive income plays to our community, using our wealth of experience to choose the best projects.


Stage 1

The revenue from the NFT sale will be invested into Defi protocols to provide a return. Such as an investment into Strongblock Nodes.

Stage 2

Profits from the Stage 1 investments will be used partly to fund weekly giveaways, and partly re-invested; to ensure giveaways can continue indefinitely.

Stage 3

Giveaways occur weekly giving away passive income plays such as Strongblock nodes or Thor nodes. For example: if someone wins a Strong node, they will receive 10 strong tokens. It is upto them to either create a node or sell the tokens.

Stage 4

A portion of the profits will be used to buy back the NFT floor which will then be raffled away to the community.



Node Puppy Club Creation

The first stage of our roadmap is to build a community for people who are hungry for passive income in the crypto world. We will offer Node Puppy NFT’s which will allow each holder to enter multiple weekly giveaways automatically. Each giveaway awarding a passive income node.

The funds from the NFT mint will be invested to fund the giveaways.


Node as a service

We would like to create a way to give everyone passive income. To do this, we will create a node as a service (NAAS) platform like the ones The Node Puppy Club is invested in. By doing this, investors will have passive residual income which can be further invested; potentially in the private sale club mentioned below. Node Puppy holders will be given early access to this platform.


Private Sale Club

Private sales in crypto have been prosperous to those that have the capital to get involved. However, many retail investors have been denied access due to lack of funds or network. Private sales have become a members club to VC’s or individuals whom can provide large upfront investment. Launchpads have tried to solve this issue, but their tier systems and increase in token prices have again made it inaccessible to the average retail investor.

We will try and solve this by using an NFT as your key to private sales; a one time purchase, no tiered expensive token requirements. Each NFT holder will be given the chance to invest into private sales we secure. Node Puppy holders will be given a chance to whitelist for this NFT, with some rare Node Puppies being granted access automatically.


Just a bunch of crypto enthusiast really…



Co-Founder/Marketing Manager






We recommend using Metamask. You will need to add the AVAX network to be able to mint. Please see

Holding a Node Puppy gives you a chance to win our weekly giveaway. 1 NFT = 1 entry. The more Node Puppies you hold, the greater chance of winning.

Each week we will give away at least one node which generates passive income, such as Strongblock, Thor Financial and other nodes or passive income plays. The value of the giveaway can range from $5,000+

This will vary each week depending on the treasury balance. There will always be at least one winner, with the aim to have multiple winners each week.

Yes, each Node Puppy has an equal chance of winning. 1 Node Puppy = 1 Entry. Some NFTs will be rarer than others, but this has no effect on the giveaway.

Keep an eye on our twitter & announcements channel. The winnings will be sent to the NFT holders wallet each week.

When we speak of ‘Nodes’ we are referring to ‘Nodes as a service operators’ such as Strongblock. Strongblock provides passive income with an initial investment of 10 strong tokens. Using Strongblock as an example, 10 tokens are needed for a daily income of 0.092 strong.